Frequently Asked Questions


Who is GAAM Transfer ?

 Payment services for GAAM Transfer are provided by The Currency Cloud Limited. Registered in England No. 06323311. The Currency Cloud Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FRN: 900199)

What do you do with the provided information ?

GAAM Transfer complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, which protects customers against the misuse of personal data held across both manual and electronic records.


Is my money safe during the transaction ?

In accordance with the FCA laws of regulation and protections against the losses, customers funds are on segregated accounts. These accounts belong to our customers and can’t be used by outside parties.


How fast can I open an account ?

You need few minutes to fill the form. Then, you have to send us a copy of your passport or ID card and a proof of address by e-mail. We check your information and then you are ready to transfer.

What is the cost of the service ?

There are no fees to open an account and to trade.

What is the advantage to use GAAM Transfer compared with my traditional bank ?

Unlike your traditional bank , GAAM Transfer offers you a total transparency on the exchange rates. There will be no unwanted surprises when trading with GAAM Transfer.


I am not a professional and this is the first time I transfer money , will your service simple to use ?

You don’t need to be a trader or a financial director to use the service of GAAM Transfer. Once the forms have been filled, your adviser will guide you step by step. Just tell him how much you want to transfer and in which currency. Everything can be made by phone. If you wish to transfer money on a regular basis, it is even easier. In this case, we recommend you to use our secure platform of exchange. It is very easy to use even for a novice.